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What is complexity?

Focus: Philosophy of Science

The complexity is one of the most remarkable features of the modern world. It can be characterized, maybe, as some lack of cognitive apprehension. But can the complexity itself be correctly apprehended by intelligence? In this course, I intend to answer this question by giving a very simple definition of complexity by using Aristotelian notions and explain what makes something complex. For instance, why Physics and Mathematics are so complicated?

Let’s try this:
Class 1 – July 25th (Tuesday) 19h – 20h: Introduction to the duality Matter-Form
Class 2 – July 26th (Wednesday) 19h – 20h: What is Complexity and Conclusions

Professor: Dr. Guilherme de Berredo Peixoto

Language: English

Mode of instruction: online / Google Classroom

Courseload: 2h

Date&Time:July 25-26, from 7 to 8pm

Target audience: undergraduate and graduate students

Spots available: 95