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Short lecture

Indian Perspective on Religion and Religious Tourism: globalization with a heart

Witch Subhash Kizhakanveatil Bhaskaran Pillai (Goa University, India) (Opens in new window) and

Thiago Pimentel (UFJF)

The course on “Indian perspective on Religion and Religious Tourism: Globalisation with a Heart” provides an overview about history of ancient civilizations based on various scientific research works as well as archeological evidences. The main theme revolves around the origin, development and spread of various beliefs and faiths in the past. The course tries to identify the civilisation which is the mother of all other ancient civilisation, and what was the faith and belief practiced in ancient times, and it was identified as nature worshipping and animism, dates back to more than 50,000 years. Only in India one can see the ancient faith and belief is practiced even now making it as the only living ancient civilisation, even after more than 50,000 years. Ancient wisdom of Vasudaiva kudumbakam (whole world is one family), the very basis of Sanathana Dharma is the only wisdom consideres everyone as equal and respected everyone equally, hence we can term it as “Globalisation with a Heart”. If everyone practices this wisdom, then it may lead to “welfare economy”, else we will see only “war-fare economy “. The future depends on us, we can make it happen, else we will be just watching the bad things happening around us and also wondering how such bad things are happening around us.

Date&time: July 19, 10 am.

To access the lecture, click on the following link. (Opens in new window)