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Applied statistics for beginners

Focus: Statistics

This course will cover basic analysis of data, from descriptive statistics to statistical inference, parametric and non-parametric. The main objective is to present suitable methodologies for different data sets and variables, covering the basics in order to help students reaching their courses monographies or starting on their post-graduation courses. Students will be encouraged to bring problems and data from their own researches.

PS: The professor use software R and R studio to do most if not all the analysis, so it would be good if all students could download these two free softwares beforehand.

Professor: Ângela Mello Coelho (UFJF)

Language: English

Mode of instruction: Online / Google Classroom

Courseload: 10h

Date&Time: July 31 – August 4, from 10am to 12pm

Target audience: undergraduate and graduate students

Spots available: 50

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): 4