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Ecosystem Biogeochemistry

Focus: Biology

Course Objective – Synthesize the principles and current research in the discipline of Ecosystem Biogeochemistry through a review of recent scientific literature organized from topics in the following texts:
> Biogeochemistry: An Analysis of Global Change (BGC), Schlesinger and Bernhardt. 4th Edition.
> Ecological Stoichiometry: The Biology of Elements from Molecules to the Biosphere (ES), Sterner and Elser.
Day 1: Terrestrial Ecosystem Productivity / Autotroph Stoichiometry
Day 2: Terrestrial Nutrient Cycling / Animal Stoichiometry
Day 3: Imbalanced Resources and Growth / Consumer-Driven Nutrient Recycling
Day 4: Community Stoichiometry / Wetland Ecosystems
Day 5: Big-Scale Stoichiometry / Inland Waters and Oceans

Professor: Thad Scott (Baylor University – EUA) and André Megali Amado (UFJF)

Language: English

Mode of instruction: on campus

Courseload: 10 hours

Date&Time: July 25-29, 9am-11am

Target audience: undergraduate and graduate

Spots available: conditioned by biosecurity limitations

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): 

SDG 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation

SDG 13 – Climate Action

SDG 14 – Life Below Water