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Social justice in a pandemic and post-pandemic world through the lens of ethnomathematics and creative insubordination

Focus: Education, Mathematical Education


In the 21st century, a greater and more sensitive understanding of mathematical procedures, techniques, and practices from members of distinct cultures have become increasingly available through the growth of the fields of ethnology, culture, history, multiculturalism, anthropology, linguistics, the creation of mindfulness, and ethnomathematics. In this context, one of the main features of ethnomathematics is to help to develop the concept of what mathematics really is through its connection with culture. The current pandemic crisis has shown that educational systems are not only obsolete but that even most of the solutions do not consider the theoretical, philosophical, and historical criticism regarding schools as institutions and their structural and pedagogical alternatives. These ideas are especially applicable in today’s postmodern world that offers challenges to the acquisition of conventional mathematical knowledge, emphasizes diversity, tolerates ambiguity celebrates change and innovation, and stresses on the comprehension of diverse realities by offering innovative pedagogical actions that are insubordinate and creative in accordance with ethnomathematical perspectives.


Milton Rosa (Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto) (Opens in new window)

Daniel Orey (Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto)

Marco Aurélio Kistemann (UFJF)

Language: English

Courseload: 3 hours

Date&Time: 13th, 9 am-12 pm (Brasilia time zone)

Target audience: undergraduate and graduate

Spots available: 25