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Linguistic Ideologies

This course seeks to shed light on the nature of language ideologies in Western societies. Language ideologies are the set of ideas and beliefs about language use and structure. They influence the roles meanings, and values that a comunity attaches to a certain language and represent simplifications that build unfair assumptions about others in people’s minds. In this courses we will examine the most common language ideology controlling language use such as the one nation, one language ideology, the standard language ideology, and the purist language ideology. We will also discuss language ideology impact in the education of different minoritied groups.


Professor: Mara Barbosa (abre em nova janela)

Instituto: Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi (abre em nova janela)

Língua ministrada: Inglês

Carga horária: 15 horas

Aceita alunos de pós-graduação.