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Ceramics: Clean Art

Focus: Sustainable principles in handmade pottery

When we talk about production of any nature, including artistic production, there is no other way than to think about sustainable ways through preventing or combating waste. It also means savings for those students/artists who are unable to spend money on expensive tools and structures. The beauty of ceramic production begins with the material itself, abundant, fully recyclable, non-toxic and highly organic. Most Brazilian teachers and artists have to deal with limitations in schools and ateliers. Creativity and adaptability are the true tools to continue producing without compromising the quality of both teaching and artistic production.

Ps: Some previous experience with pottery practice is a plus, due to make easier the discussion on themes and specification, although the content is prepared to lay audience interested in the subject.

Professor: Sandra Minae Sato (UFJF)

Language: English

Mode of instruction: Online / Google Classroom

Courseload: 6h

Date&Time: July 24-25, from 9am to 12pm

Target audience: undergraduate and graduate students

Spots available: 95

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 15