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Scientific Communication in English

Focus: Nursing

Preparation, organization and communication of scientific papers in English. Evaluation of the consistency of presentation of a scientific paper in English. Consistent personal presentation at an international event. Guiding your presentation according to the audience to be addressed. Preparation of a scientific paper in English

Professors: Herica Silva Dutra (UFJF), Kelli Borges dos Santos (UFJF), Elenir Pereira de Paiva (UFJF), Suellen Cristina Dias Emidio (UFJF), Fabio da Costa Carbogim(UFJF), Vincent Pearson (The University of Adelaide – Australia)

Language: English

Place: School of Nursing, Room 08

Courseload: 15h

Date&Time: August 7 to August 11 from 2PM to 5PM

Target audience: graduate students

Spots available: 5

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): 3