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Cache Efficient Computing

Focus: Computer Science


Although data caches were introduced in the mid-sixties to hide the growing gap between processor and memory speeds, few algorithm designers account for the presence of caches in modern computers. The focus of algorithm design remains operation counts while largely ignoring memory accesses. This talk will explore the impact that caches have on the performance of applications. We shall demonstrate the effectiveness of reorganizing
computations so as to reduce the number of cache misses thereby reducing the number of memory accesses. Applications such as Nussinov’s RNA folding and the Value Iteration method for reinforcement learning will be used for illustrative purposes.

Professor: Sartaj Sahni (University of Florida, USA) (Opens in new window)

Language: English

Courseload: 1 h

Date&Time: 16th, 6-7 pm (Brasilia time zone)

Target audience: undergraduate and graduate

Spots available: unlimited