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Electricity Markets and New Business Models: Are we ready for a consumer-centric Market?

Focus: Engineering


In recent years, power systems have faced a huge transition considering the high penetration of renewable sources such as solar and wind generation. Although a very good achievement concerning the environmental aspects, those changes come with challenges considering the operation of the electricity markets. With the increase of prosumers, who are small scale consumers producing their own energy, such as households, we experience the possibility of a new Market design. Recently, a widely discussed possibility is to implement a consumer-centric Market, where those prosumers may experience a high level of freedom concerning the use of their produced energy.
In particular, the consumer-centric market can be implemented based on the Community Market design, where the neighbours share a common strategy to benefit their society, or the Peer-to-peer (P2P) market, where each prosumer may decide alone its desired strategy. However, those proposals must come together with a high improvement in the current power systems, by the massive deployment of advanced metering infrastructure, improved control schemes and restructured regulations, to say a few.
Furthermore, changes in the regulation must properly encourage new Business Models that will guarantee the sustainability of those markets from an economic perspective. Not only the concepts will be presented, but related technology, such as Blockchain and Smart Meters, will be briefly presented.
Though, the present course aims at presenting:
1) A brief introduction to Electricity Markets: how they have been formed and their evolution
2) The Consumer-centric models: how the community and P2P markets are conceived and their main perspectives.
3) Business Models and Technologies related to electricity markets.

Each module consists of 2 hours, resulting in a 6-hour course. As dealing with general concepts, the course is open to Graduate and Undergraduates, as well as to anyone interested in participating and discussing the topic.
Also, this course is not restricted to but can be of interest to the following field of knowledge: Engineering, Economics, Computing.


Tiago André Teixeira Soares (INESC-TEC, Portugal) (Opens in new window)

Bruno Henriques Dias (UFJF)

Language: English

Courseload: 6 hours

Date&Time: 22nd and 23rd, 3-6 pm (Brasilia time zone)

Target audience: undergraduate and graduate

Spots available: 100