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Consumer Behaviour

Focus: Business

It is expected that the student understands the importance of consumer behavior for managerial training, as well as a more specific knowledge of the theory of consumer behavior and the models of the main thinkers in the area. Knowledge of the discipline pr ovokes a critical analysis of understanding consumption.
Program: 1. The school of consumer behaviour as part of the Theory of Marketing. 2. The economic theory of consumer behaviour. 3. Contributions of psychology, sociology, anthropology, semiotics and history to consumer behaviour. 4. Methods and techniques of qualitative and quantitative scope in the study of consumer behaviour. 5. Classical and contemporary international and national stud ies on consumer behaviour. 6. Consumer behaviour models. 7. International research: qualitative and quantitative articles on consumer behaviour. 8. Applications and trends of consumer behaviour in academic research and contributions to organizations.

Professors: Danilo de Oliveira Sampaio (UFJF), Rodrigo Ribeiro Coimbra (Universidade Woosong – South Korea)

Language: English

Mode of instruction: Online / Google Classroom

Courseload: 30h

Date&Time: July 17-28, from 9am to 12pm

Target audience: undergraduate and graduate students

Spots available: 25

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): 3, 12