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Emotion as a framework for behavior: a neuroscience understanding

Focus: Neurosciences

9-11am • Basis Neurosciences: the fundamentals of nervous system
11am-1pm • Anatomy Laboratory: exploring the brain, sensory-motor
and emotion circuits
2-4pm • Neurophysiology of Behaviour: the bases of brain functions
Sensory-motor systems
4-6pm • Emotion and movement / Discussion time

Professor: Anaelli Campos (UFJF), André Oliveira (UFJF) e Alice Rezende (UFJF), André Salles Cunha Peres (Coimbra), Ruben Navarrete (UFRJ)

Language: English

Place: Science Centre

Courseload: 8h

Date&Time: July 19, from 9am to 6pm

Target audience: undergraduate and graduate students

Spots available: 100

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):