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Organizing and Delivering High Quality Care for Chronic Conditions

Module 01 

This modular course includes, besides the revision of the Chronic Cares Model (CCM) which was created by Wagner and contributors by the end of the 90s in the United States, the components of the Organization of Health and Care, Drawing of the Delivery System and Support to Decisions Making. The CCM with the center in the relation of an activated patient and an Attention Doctor Team proactive and prepared. According to the CCM, this requires an organized health system and connected with the necessary resources in the community. 

The exercise of the guide revisions and protocols utilizing the international way of collaboration of AGREE. The students will also be instructed to elaborate a proposal to improve the quality of the attention to chronic diseases.


Professor: Alberto Barceló (abre em nova janela)

Instituição: Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora

Língua ministrada: Inglês

Carga horária: 16 horas (O curso consiste em 10 horas de aulas + 6 horas de trabalho independente)

Aceita alunos de graduação e pós-graduação.