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STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

CodeCourses FocusLocalSDG
STE01The Consumers’ Role in the Energy TransitionEnergyScience Centre7, 12, 13
STE02What is Complexity?Philosophy of Science
Google Classroom
STE03Hands-on to Solve Particle Detection Tracks Using a High Resolution Camera (Based on The Cygno Experiment)?
Engineering and PhysicsGoogle Classroom

On The Mathematical InfinityMath and its philosophy

Google Classroom4
STE05Applied statistics for beginnersStatisticsGoogle Classroom
STE06Ethnomathematics for beginnersMathematics, Culture and Human RightsGoogle Classroomall
STE07La promoción de la alfabetización estadística en tiempos de infodemia y fake newsAlfabetización Estadística y Educación MatemáticaGoogle Classroomall
Behind-the-Meter Energy Flexibility ManagementElectrical Engineering, EnergySchool of Engineering, Electrical Engineering Graduate Program7, 11
Advanced Energy Modelling with OSeMOSYS&FlexTool for Effective Sustainable Development Policy Planning
Energy, Environment, Energy Economics, Electrical EngineeringSchool of Engineering, Electrical Engineering Graduate Program7, 12, 13
2035030We Have Nothing to Hide: An Introduction to Privacy Issues in the Digital AgeComputer ScienceExact Sciences Institute Room S40116
2035037Innovative and secure ways to store data on Cloud/Edge environmentsComputer ScienceComputer Science Department, LAB 2059, 11
3020043Introduction to Gravitation and Field TheoryPhysicsExact Sciences Institute, S302 - Bloco Reuni4, 9