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Defesa de Tese – Andressa Christine O. Silva (17/12 – 14 horas – virtual)

Título da tese Prosody, semantic parallelism and pragmatic context in the processing of gapping sentences
 Resumo da tese This dissertation investigated the processing of ambiguous coordinate sentences in Brazilian Portuguese (BP) and in American English (AE), such as: O Pedro levou a Júlia na festa e o Bruno no churrasco da empresa / Peter took Julia to the party and Brian to the company barbecue. In this type of sentence, the proper noun Bruno/Brian can be interpreted as a subject of a new clause (gapping interpretation) or as a conjoined direct object (conjunction reduction interpretation). Experimental evidence from previous researches (CARLSON, 2002, 2005; HOEKS et al., 2002, 2006, 2009; SILVA et al., 2018) reveals a strong preference for conjunction reduction interpretation of coordinate sentences due to structural simplicity bias, which is aligned with the Minimal Attachment Principle (FRAZIER, 1979, 1987). The current research took a Psycholinguistic approach (LEITÃO, 2008) and manipulated prosodic cues, semantic parallelism between nouns in the two conjuncts, and biasing pragmatic contexts in order to find out the role of these features in determining the final interpretation of those ambiguous sentences. The results indicate that gapping interpretation is most preferred in both BP and AE when prosodic, semantic, and pragmatic cues bias subject interpretation of the ambiguous noun in the second conjunct (Bruno/Brian). Therefore, we conclude that linguistic and non-linguistic information is relevant to license a gapping syntactic structure analysis in both BP and AE.
Data e horário Dia 17 de dezembro de 2021, às 14:00 horas, por webconferência (banca online), em língua inglesa.


Nome do(a) Prof.(a) Título e instituição Vínculo institucional Função na banca
01 Aline Alves Fonseca Doutora / UFMG UFJF Orientadora
03 Paula Roberta Gabbai Armelin Doutora/ USP UFJF Membro Titular Interno
04 Tiago Timponi Torrent Doutor / UFRJ UFJF Membro Titular Interno e Presidente da banca
05 Kathryn Ann Carlson DoutorA/ UMass Morehead State University Membro Titular Externo
06 Marcus Antônio Rezende Maia Doutor / USC UFRJ Membro Titular Externo
07 Maria Cristina Lobo Name Doutora / PUC-RJ UFJF Suplente Interno
08 Mercedes Marcilese Doutora / PUC-RJ UFJF Suplente Interno
09 Camila Tavares Leite Doutora/ UFMG UFU Suplente Externo
10 Ruth Elisabeth Vasconcellos Lopes Doutora / UNICAMP UNICAMP Suplente Externo