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Dr. Yuri José Oliveira Moraes




PhD in mechanical engineering from the Federal University of Paraíba – UFPB, master and graduate in mechanical engineering from the Federal University of Campina Grande – UFCG. I developed my research at the Integrity and Inspection Laboratory (Labii – UFPB) with the collaboration of the Vibration and Instrumentation Laboratory (LVI – UFCG) and the Multidisciplinary Laboratory of Active Materials and Structures (LaMMEA – UFCG), working in the area of structural integrity, analysis and control of vibrations in civil structures and mechanical systems, with an emphasis on advanced and intelligent materials. I am currently an adjunct professor at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora – UFJF, working in the Department of Mechanical Engineering – MEC, linked to the Faculty of Engineering..

Knowledge Area: Structures and Materials

Lines of Research:

  • Structure Mechanics
  • Advanced and Smart Materials
  • Dynamic Systems Control


  • Special Topics in Vibration Control Applied to Structures
  •  Structure Dynamics
  • Experimental Analysis


Research Projects


  • 2022 – Current: Control of mechanical systems incorporating superelastic SMA elements into vibration attenuation devices.

Description: CNPq Call No. 04/2021 – Research Productivity Grants. The project aims to consolidate studies and research in the field of engineering: mechanical, civil and materials, aiming at designing concepts and analyzing the dynamic behavior of devices that allow controlling and/or attenuating vibrations, when incorporated into mechanical systems.

Funder: National Council for Scientific and Technological Development-CNPq.


  • 2022 – Current: Development and analysis of the dynamic behavior of systems incorporating LMF attenuating elements in mechanical and structural devices for vibration attenuation.

Description: The research project was approved in Notice 09/2021 in the CNPq-Fapesq Universal agreement (Value R$ 32 thousand reais), and aims to continue the studies underway in the Vibration and Instrumentation Laboratory of the UFCG Mechanical Engineering Academic Unit , aiming to consolidate the research line Analysis and design of Thermomechanical Systems (AST), of the Postgraduate Program in Mechanical Engineering (PPGEM).

Funder: Research Support Foundation of the State of Paraíba-FAPESQ.


  • 2023 – Current: Structural and mechanical analysis for extreme wind speed conditions in a photovoltaic solar tracker system.

Description: The aim of the project is to produce a detailed study that validates the mechanical structure of the photovoltaic solar tracker considering the most critical loads. The analysis will be based on analytical equations and computer simulation in Ansys Inc Software (Finite Element Method), conditioning the structure in the most critical wind speed situations, supporting against static and dynamic failures of aeroelastic effects.



Recent Outcomes

1 – MORAES, YURI J. O.; SILVA, ANTONIO A.; RODRIGUES, MARCELO C.; DELIMA, ANTONIO G. B.; DOS REIS, RÔMULO P. B.; DA SILVA, PAULO C. S. Dynamical Analysis Applied to Passive Control of Vibrations in a Structural Model Incorporating SMA-SE Coil Springs. ADVANCES IN MATERIALS SCIENCE ANDENGINEERING, v.2018, p.1 – 15, 2018.


2 – MORAES, YURI JOSÉ OLIVEIRA; SILVA, ANTONIO ALMEIDA; RODRIGUES,MARCELO CAVALCANTI; DOS REIS, RÔMULO PIERRE; MOREIRA, PEDRO IGOR. Análise dinâmica aplicada ao controle de vibrações em protótipo de edifício incorporando molas LMF superelásticas. PRINCIPIA (JOÃO PESSOA). , v.1, p.90 – 101, 2019. Palavras-chave: Pórtico de Edifícios, Análise Modal, Controle Passivo de Vibrações, Ligas com Memória de Forma.][doi:10.18265/1517-03062015v1n45p90-101


3 – MORAES, YURI J.O.; RODRIGUES, MARCELO C.; SILVA, ANTONIO A.; GRASSI, ESTEPHANIE N.D.; ARAÚJO, CARLOS J. Vibration control systems in a building prototype: Application of SMA coil springs indiagonal bracing and TMD. ENGINEERING STRUCTURES. , v.275, p.115319, 2023. Palavras-chave: Vibration Control in Structures, Tuned Mass Damper, Diagonal Bracing, Shape Memory Alloys.][doi:10.1016/j.engstruct.2022.115319


4 – MORAES, Y. J. O.; SILVA, A. A.; OLIVEIRA, A. G.; MOREIRA, P. I. C. Análise de Sistema Estrutural do tipo Pórtico através da Função Resposta em Frequência (FRF) Usando o Método dos Mínimos Quadrados. In: IX Congresso Nacional de Engenharia Mecânica, 2016, Fortaleza., 2016. Palavras-chave: Estruturas de Engenharia, Função de Resposta em Frequência, Estimação de Parâmetros, Método dos Mínimos Quadrados.


5 – FRANÇA, G. L. T.; MORAES, Y. J. O.; SILVA, A. A.; RODRIGUES, M. C.; FERNANDES,E. C. R. Analysis and Design of Base Insulators Applied to the Helipad of the Hospital Structure. In: XLI Ibero-Latin American Congress on Computational Methods in Engineering, 2020, Foz do Iguaçu – PR. Proceedings of the Ibero-Latin American Congress of Computational Methods in Engineering. Rio de Janeiro: ABMEC, 2020. v.1. p.1 – 7. Palavras-chave: base isolation, elastomeric bearings, mechanical vibrations.



Finished Supervisions


  • Handerson Patrick Moreira Valdevino. Passive Vibration Control Applied to a Structural System Incorporating a Damping Device. 2023. Dissertation Mechanical Engineering. Federal University of Campina Grande. Inst. financier: CAPES. Keywords: Structural Dynamics, Passive Vibration Control, Frictional Damping, Friction Discs. Areas: Mechanical Engineering. Additional references: Brazil/Portuguese.