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NEC – Center of Education in Science, Mathematics and Technology

NEC is a group of interdisciplinary research that aims to act in an integrated way on the fields of Education in Science, Education in Mathematics and Environmental Education, with research topics in curriculum, teacher training, philosophies of difference, gender relations and sexualities, language, processes of subjectivation, studies of cognition. The group’s work focuses on the investigation of educational processes in order to contribute to the formation and professional teaching performance.

Leader: Paulo Henrique Dias Menezes



Traverse Research Group

Leaders:Prof Sônia Maria Clareto/ Prof Margareth Aparecida Sacramento Rotondo

The Traverse group is located in the Center of Education in Science, Mathematics and Technology (NEC) on the Faculty of Education (FACED) of the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF). NEC is registered in Brazil on the Directory of Research Groups of CPNq and has the following research lines: Culture, Knowledge and Education; Mathematical Education; Environmental Education; Education in Science.


GRUPPEEJA – Practical Research Group and Studies on Young Adults and Adult Education

Leader: Prof Mariana Cassab Torres

GRUPPEEJA aims to instigate the development of researches, extension projects and formation actions centered on the Education of Young Adults and Adults. The group invests on producing experiences and pedagogical materials for that field. Acting since 2014, it gather educators, coordinators from EJA, undergraduate students from different fields, graduate students and other social actors interested on this theme. It currently amplifies its topics of interest to the studies of Young Adult and school.


GEA – Study Group and Research on Environmental Education

Leader: Prof Angelica Cosenza Rodrigues

The group promotes researches, studies, teaching activities, and extension projects about environmental topics based on the theoretical-epistemological references from the environmental education field. The segments are: Environmental Education and Education in Science; Environmental Education and Education in Geography; Political Ecology and territory Management; Family agriculture and Agroecology; Environmental justice; Training of environmental educators; Educational practices; Speech.


GREPEM – Study and research group on education in mathematics

Leader:Prof Reginaldo Fernando Carneiro


The group follows the study fields: a) initial and continuous training of mathematics teachers; b) pedagogical practice of teachers; c) teaching processes and mathematics learning. The group has researchers, teachers from Basic School and undergraduate students. The group has contributed to the development of research projects on the Education in Mathematics area.