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Center of Studies on Education, Extension and Research in Human Spatiality and Geographies of Life

Geography of Childhood – GRUPEGI

Leader: Prof Jader Janer Moreira Lopes

Children are born in preexisting landscapes, they experience territories, places and other spatial dimensions that are expressions of the geographic space. The Geography of Childhood seeks to understand children and their childhoods, starting with these spatiatilities and the configurations emanating from it, among which we highlight the landscape, the territory and the place, among others; the group also has the desire to create dialogues with the Geography produced by children based on their logics and authorship. Children and their childhoods, geographical spaces and their expressions are the words pertinent to our study group.



GhEnTE Group – Humanist Geography-Teaching-Theory-Experience

Leader: Profa. Dra. Juliana Maddalena Trifilio Dias

The GhEnTE group has two lines. One of them has as a purpose to receive and discuss theoretical and methodological questions about the Teaching of Geography from the epistemological referential of the Humanistic Geography with a psychoanalytic basis. The other aims at studying the works of Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan, based on the epistemological encounter of Geography with Psychoanalysis.