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Student and Faculty Manual

Welcome to the student and faculty manual! Here you will find information and forms about:

  1. Defense scheduling
  2. Alteration of master’s and PhD projects
  3. Transfer credit
  4. Financial aid for members of the defense board
  5. Financial aid for students (fieldwork and events)
  6. Co-advisor accreditation
  7. Teaching internship
  8. Homologation of dissertation/thesis
  9. Course Enrollment
  10. Defense deadline extension
  11. Qualification (doctoral students)
  12. Vehicle requisition
  13. Request for daily allowances and/or tickets for the professors of the program
  14. Other documents


Necessary requirements to schedule a dissertation or thesis defense are:

a) Submit an application addressed to the Collegiate requesting measures to carry out the defense of the Dissertation or Thesis that must be delivered to the Administrative Office at least 40 days in advance;

b) Complete a minimum number of credits required for the Program (20 for master’s and 40 for doctorate). The Dissertation (2 credits) and the Thesis (2 credits) credits will be considered in the general count of minimum credits;

c) Approval in the Qualification Exam (art 21 of the Graduate General Regulations – in Portuguese);

d) Present proof of compliance with the rules for returning material used for study purposes (herbariums, libraries, and others) established by UFJF.

e) For the Master’s degree, submit a scientific paper, referring to the dissertation, to a journal with “A4” or higher concept by Qualis, with adherence to the Biodiversity area, and the student as the first author.

f) For the Doctoral degree, have a scientific paper accepted, referring to the thesis, to a journal with “A4” or higher concept by Qualis, with adherence to the Biodiversity area, and the student as the first author.

g) For the Doctoral degree, submit a manuscript to the Program’s scientific dissemination magazine until the 36th month after enrollment.


Dissertations and Theses must be written in Portuguese. They must also present an abstract and a title in English, in addition to a summary in accessible language to the lay audience for the purpose of scientific dissemination. In exceptional cases, upon approval by the Course Collegiate, Dissertations and Theses written in English or Spanish may be accepted.

Send by e-mail (, 40 days in advance of the defense:

  • Board Proposal Form (master’s / doctorate) for the board approval by the Homologation Committee of dissertations and theses. The examining board must be composed of the Advisor, Co-advisor (if any) and doctors or equivalent degree holders (2 for the master’s and 4 for the doctorate, at least half of whom are external to UFJF). Alternate members must comply with the same requirements as regular members.
  • Final version of the dissertation/thesis
  • E-mail of all board members
  • In the case of defenses via webconference, also attach the student Declaration of Agreement (in Portuguese).


Wait for contact from the office confirming the approval of the board and the continuation of the defense scheduling process.

On the day of the defense, the presentation time is up to 30 minutes for Master’s, and up to 50 minutes for Doctorate. Each examiner will have up to 01 hour to argue and discuss with the master’s or doctoral student.



Send an e-mail to ( with the Project Alteration Form and a letter with the justification for the alteration signed by the student and supervisor.



For the Master’s Degree, the workload of courses taken in other stricto sensu Graduate Programs may be considered up to a maximum limit of 1/3 of the workload required to obtain the corresponding title.

For the Doctorate, of the 40 credits, up to 50% of the credits can be transferred from a Master’s degree taken in a Program belonging to the CAPES large area of BIODIVERSITY, and 1/3 of the remaining credits can be taken in other Programs and used in the general count.

The transfer of Graduate subject credits taken during Undergraduate Courses may be authorized, as long as they have not been used in the minimum workload for obtaining the undergraduate degree.

Send by e-mail ( the Credit Transfer Form (in Portuguese) together with:

  • Statement of conclusion of the course (must contain, at least, name of the course, workload and grade); or, in the case of transferring credits taken during the Master’s for the Doctoral degree: attach a copy of the Master’s academic record;
  • Course Syllabus



Send by e-mail ( 30 days in advance of the defense:

On the day of the defense, the applicant must deliver the SCDP Travel report (in Portuguese) and the air or road tickets to the office, if a privately owned vehicle is not used.



Ordinance No. 1058/2015 (Financial Aid Regulation) (in Portuguese)

Send an e-mail to at least 25 days prior to the event, containing:


For events:

  • Justification of the request for aid containing information about the event, such as species, date, city, etc.
  • Table with estimated student expenses
  • Summary of the work to be presented + acceptance of the work by the event organization
  • Folder or official website of the event
  • Event registration receipt


For fieldwork:

  • Justification of the request for aid containing information on the work to be carried out and schedule of activities
  • Table with estimated student expenses


Once the aid is approved, the student will be notified by e-mail and must attend the office to sign the necessary documents.


The co-advisor’s registration is subject to the approval of the Coordination. The student’s Advisor must send by e-mail (



Teaching internship is required for master’s and doctorate students, who must enroll in the appropriate undergraduate course under the supervision of a professor-member of the Congregation Program (Teaching internship I). Furthermore, doctorate students will enroll in the summer or winter program (Teaching internship II).



Send by e-mail (, up to 90 days after the defense:

  • Consent form for publication of academic papers (in Portuguese): Filled, printed, signed and digitalized in PDF;
  • Final paper in PDF, with the Approval form delivered to the student after the defense, included in the dissertation/theses in accordance with ABNT (cover/spine guidelines + UFJF   bibliographic standard – in Portuguese);
  • Copy of the undergraduate degree certificate (for the Master’s) or copy of the Master’s degree certificate (for the Doctorate);
  • INPI form, in case of requesting a dissertation embargo.


In case of conditional approval (with substantial modifications), the certificate of completion for both Master’s and Doctorate will only be issued after a letter signed by the Biodiversity Graduate Program Coordinator, attesting the compliance with the criticisms and corrections suggested by the defense board, and followed by the submission of a copy of the dissertation/thesis. The student must contact the Office to receive further guidance on the reevaluation of the dissertation/thesis by the board.

In addition, the student must register  as an external user in SEI, by accessing the link  and following the procedures for releasing his registration.


The Master’s program workload will be at least 20 credits, and the Doctorate at least 40 credits. The credits of the Dissertation or Thesis (2 credits) will be considered in the general count of minimum credits;

Course workloads and respective professors will be presented yearly through calendar, approved by the Collegiate, which will be available on this website, Courses Calendar page. Credits of each course will be available on the Courses List page.

Students enrolled in the Biodiversity Graduate Program will receive an e-mail including the courses calendar, means and deadlines for enrolling.

Cancelation request in a course must be required within the period corresponding to 25% of the classes offered by the course. It is subject to the Advisor’s authorization. Cancelation request can occur at any time during ERE (Emergency Remote Teaching).

External students to the Biodiversity Graduate Program who are interested in taking a course will have access to the courses through the website and must send an e-mail to, under the subject “Matrícula em disciplina isolada – nome da disciplina” – Enrollment in isolated course – Course title), annexing copy of the passport and the undergraduate certificate and Master’s degree certificate (if it is the case). The requester will receive the enrollment confirmation by e-mail, which will be subject to thew availability of vacancy. Enrollment of external students is temporarily suspended due to suspension of presential activities.



The defense can be extended up to 06 months for the Master’s and 12 months for the Doctorate, in exceptional cases, under a formal request to the Biodiversity Graduate Program Coordination, as indicated below. The request will be evaluated by the Collegiate that will accept or deny the extension.

Send by e-mail (, with at least 45 days in advance of the defense:

  • Defense extension Form (in Portuguese)
  • Report by the advisor expressing agreement, signed;
  • Justification and activities schedule, indicating the missing steps and new scheduled date of defense;
  • Academic record provided by SIGA;
  • Any other documents deemed necessary.



For the Master’s: The Qualifying Exam must occur between 12 and 20 months after the enrollment and consists of a presentation of a manuscript to a board composed of 2 Doctors. The manuscript must be written in English or Portuguese, in a format appropriate for submission in a A4+ journal, in accordance with the Qualis CAPES Biodiversity (or equivalent according to new guidelines of the area), dated after the enrollment in the Master’s Program, and necessarily linked to the Dissertation. The student must be the author, with the advisor as co-author.

For the Doctorate: The Qualifying Exam must occur between 12 and 36 months after the enrollment and consists of fulfilling the following requirements, cumulatively:

  • Acceptance or publication in a A4+ journal, written in English, in accordance with the Qualis CAPES Biodiversity (or equivalent according to new guidelines of the area), dated after the enrollment in the Master’s Program, and necessarily linked to the Dissertation. The student must be the author, with the Advisor as co-author.
  • Presentation and defense of a Thesis Report containing information on previous and future planning steps (Thesis Report – in Portuguese).

Requirements evaluation for the Master’s and Doctorate Qualification will be conducted by a Defense Board, composed of an external member to the Biodiversity Graduate Program and, an internal member, the presence of the advisor and/or co-advisor optional. The board president will be an internal member of the defense board.

The qualification scheduling must be required by e-mail (, with at least 30 days in advance.


12. VEHICLE REQUISITION: (Temporarily suspended)

Send by e-mail (, with at least 12 days in advance, the following documents:

  • Travel Justification;
  • Departure and arrival date and time;
  • Complete addresses of the place of departure and destination, with Zip Code;
  • Passengers list filled with their names and details.



Send by e-mail (, with at least 30 days in advance of the trip:

  • Justification for the request of daily allowances and/or tickets containing information on the event or fieldwork;
  • For events, send a summary of the presentation, the acceptance by the event organizer, folder or official website, and the registration receipt.
  • For fieldwork, send information on the work to be developed and activities schedule.


After the travel, send, up to 5 days, the  SCDP Travel report (in Portuguese) filled and electronically signed, and copy of the tickets, if it is the case.



Registration of visiting professors (in Portuguese)