All the syllabuses of the UFJF undergraduate courses are available in English. The initiative is a result of the partnership of the International Relations Office (DRI) with the Undergraduation Rectory Office (Prograd) and integrates actions of institutional linguistic policy of the UFJF facilitating the registration in the disciplines and the procedures that need to be done for the enrollment of foreign students. Translated syllabuses are organized into subgroups such as campus, distance learning and colleges.

The director of International Relations, Barbara Daibert, explains that the foreign students can visit the site and access the translated syllabus of their course, which facilitates the registration in the disciplines and their enrollment procedures. Moreover, she believes that the syllabus translation also contributes to the internationalization of the University, since “foreign researchers can know the work of the Institution and know the seriousness with which it is developed.”

In addition, the director believes that internationalization can also be felt by who is in Brazil. “Sometimes students who have not had the experience of going abroad can have this experience here, from the contact with other languages ​​and cultures.” According to her, one of the next steps is to translate syllabuses to Spanish.