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Specialization, MBA and MBE

especializacoes_mba_ufjfContinuing vocational training is an increasingly recurring demand due to the constant technological changes, new demands of society and reconfigurations of the labor market.

Mindful of this perspective, UFJF offers specialized courses to help students understand and cope with the specific demands of their field.The students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge, establish a new network of contacts, exchange experiences, question paradigms and suggest solutions for their area of knowledge.

Classes generally occur for one or two days a week, over a year, with local and guest professors.The time and manner of place filling vary by course, and each course publishes public notices on their websites.In order to register, applicants must have graduated from a college.Currently, only free specializations are being offered.UFJF is awaiting for a legal definition to decide on the return of paid courses.

Check Specializations and MBA offered in 2016 (content in Portuguese).