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The Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF) has an extensive number of laboratories.Equipped with modern and computerized equipment, they serve teachers and undergraduate and graduate students.

Crucial elements of incentive and dissemination of the scientific knowledge developed in UFJF, the laboratories bolster youth studies by renowned researchers of the institution.Also, they provide the opportunity to conduct research and practical classes, contributing to academic learning and the increased expressiveness of UFJF in the fields of production and scientific communication.

The following is a list of laboratories by department (content in Portuguese):

Microbiology Laboratory – ICB

Immunology Laboratory – ICB

Cellular Biology Laboratory – ICB

Demography and Population Studies Laboratory (Ladem)

Climatology and Environmental Analysis Laboratory (LabCAA)

History and Social Politics Laboratory (Lahps )

Strength of Materials Laboratory (LRM)

Applications and Innovation in Computing Laboratory (Lapic)

Urban-Regional Territorialities Laboratory (Latur )

Economic and Social History Laboratory (Lahes)

Protozoology Laboratory

Niqua Laboratory

Geo-Referenced Information Laboratory (Linge)

Energetic Efficiency Laboratory (Leener)

Economics Laboratory (Econs)

Paving Laboratory

Body Studies Laboratory

Food and Water Analysis Laboratory

Applied GIS Laboratory (LGA)

Software Studies Laboratory (Software Cultural Studies) (SWS)

Solar Photovoltaic Laboratory

Locative Media and GPS Cinema Laboratory (Laloca)

Audiovisual Science Fiction Studies Laboratory (Lefcav)

Glycoconjugate Analysis Laboratory