Passport and Visa

All international students must obtain a valid passport and student visa (VITEM IV) before travelling to Brazil. You should apply for a passport as soon as you are accepted in the program, as the process can take several weeks.

After receiving the Acceptance Letter from UFJF, you can apply for a student visa. Visa processing can take up to thirty (30) days. Information about the required documents for a visa application form can be found on the internet on the website of the Brazilian embassy in your country. The complete list of the Brazilian embassies and consulates around the world can be found at: www.itamaraty.gov.br/o-ministerio/o-brasil-no-exterior.

Contact the Brazilian representatives in your country in advance, but beware: after receiving your visa you have 90 DAYS to enter the Brazilian territory. If you don’t come to Brazil within this period, your visa will be no longer valid!

Planning your budget

Living comfortably in Juiz de Fora will require a monthly stipend of approximately R$ 1.500,00. This value is related to rental costs (R$ 400 to R$ 900), bus rides (R$ 80), food (R$ 300) and books/ materials (R$ 100). The living costs are based on the reported experience of previous exchange students, which include having a single room and internet access for example.

Health insurance and vaccination

Students must insure themselves from their home countries before arriving in Brazil. It’s the students’ responsibility to provide health insurance. Please check the insurance companies’ rules before leaving your country and bring some verification with you.

Also, check the vaccinations you need in Brazil. We recommend you to take a yellow fever vaccination. There’s no risk of getting yellow fever in Juiz de Fora, but it’s necessary to be vaccinated if you intend to visit other parts of the country, especially areas with forests and rivers from the North and Midwest regions. The vaccines against yellow fever is distributed for free by the local public medical departments of the Brazilian cities and should be taken 10 days before your trip to get protection if you have not been vaccinated before. More information at:  http://bvsms.saude.gov.br/bvs/febreamarela/viajantes.php

Registration at the Federal Police

To be registered in Brazil, you must go to the Federal Police (PF) as soon as possible. If you do not do it within 30 days upon arrival, you will have to pay a daily fine. Here are the steps to register:

  1. Fulfill the form. Go in www.pf.gov.br, click in “Estrangeiro”, then “Requerer registro e emissão/renovação de Cédula de Identidade de Estrangeiro” and fulfill the form in the step 1.
  2. Fulfill the “Guias de Recolhimento da União”. Go in www.pf.gov.br, click in “Estrangeiro”, then “Requerer registro e emissão/renovação de Cédula de Identidade de Estrangeiro” then “3. Pessoas e entidades estrangeiras”. Fulfill the data and demand the generation of the paying fees (GRUs), with the codes 140082 (R$64,58) and 140120 (R$124,23). Print and pay both pages in any bank branch.
  3. Present yourself at the Federal Police. Book an appointment through the telephones +55 (32) 3250-1036 or +55 (32) 3250-1037. The PF office address is: Independência Shopping, Av. Itamar Franco, 3600/G2, Cascatinha.

At the International Office we can help you in the process. If you have any difficulty, please contact us.

Pre-departure checklist

  • Make sure you have a valid passport and it is valid for the duration of your stay.
  • Apply for a student visa in the Brazilian Consulate..
  • Purchase your flight ticket.
  • Check IF you need any vaccinations.
  • Buy travellers health insurance.
  • Send to incoming.sri@ufjf.edu.br a visa copy along with the information of your health insurance.
  • Choose the courses you intend to attend – in UFJF’s website (https://www.ufjf.br/cat/cursos/) you can find a catalog f the courses offered by UFJF.
  • You have until the second week of classes to decide and inform us about which courses you will attend.
  • Organize financial arrangements to withdraw money in Brazil..
  • Make all possible arrangements for your permanent accommodation in Juiz de Fora.
  • Make a copy of all your important documents.
  • We recommend you learn at least basic Portuguese and carry a dictionary.
  • Upon arrival in Brazil, you must register at the Federal Police. Attend to DRI-UFJF Office as soon as you arrive for further information.