The Federal University of Juiz de Fora is partner with more than 50 institutions. Find out here.

Establishing a new agreement

The first step to establish an agreement is talk about and agree on a text. Here we have our bi-lingual models for general agreements pre-approved by our legal department:

Pre-approved agreement – English

Pre-approved agreement – Spanish

Pre-approved agreement – French

Pre-approved agreement – Italian

Once the final text is agreed upon, the next step is to send it to the International Agreements Coordination ( This coordination will handle the signature process at UFJF, the mailing of the signed agreement to the partner institution and the filing of the final document, received here after the foreign institution representatives’ signatures. 

Sending students to UFJF

Every term, UFJF receive international students from partner institutions for one or two semesters. Exchange students at UFJF are able to chose courses from any Faculty  and have the same advantages as regular students, such as access to our facilities and the possibility of participating in internships and research groups. 

To nominate students, the applicant must fulfill the form bellow and send to The International Office will analyse and write the Acceptance Letters and send to the partner institution. We also send a scanned copy of the letter to the students’s email in case the Brazilian Consulate accepts it for visa purposes.

International Students Application Form

Receiving UFJF students

Every year UFJF students interested in studying abroad go through a rigorous selection process called PII-GRAD. From August to October the International Office contacts each partner institution to confirm the number of students we can send for a semester or a year there. The selection process ends around the end of March, when we begin to send the nominations to the respective university for the fall semester (September).

For further information on the selection process or our Outgoing Program in general, please write to