Sports complex received the olympic teams in 2016

Sports complex received the olympic teams in 2016

UFJF campus is located at a hilltop in Juiz de Fora, and is surrounded by native tropical vegetation. Because it constitutes such a pleasant environment, distributed in it 1.3 million square meters of buildings, gardens, forest and a lake, our campus is the main outdoors leisure option for the population of Juiz de Fora.

As for today, UFJF does not offer yet housing options for international students. However, there are plenty of student run co-ops, board houses and rental apartments in the vicinity, as well as downtown Juiz de Fora.

In regards to dinning, UFJF has two University Restaurants (RUs), one of them located on campus, and the other downtown. RUs offer balanced lunch and dinner options for a reduced price. Additionally, students find cafeterias offering lunch, dinner and snacks in almost every faculty building on campus.  

Many services and leisure activities provided by UFJF to the community are held on campus, and international students are welcome to participate. Some of those options are listed below:

University’s Restaurant
34163727625_9a17da5827_zThe RU offers an average of 5,000 meals to the University’s community with a varied and balanced menu, with options to the vegans. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at a subsidiary price, giving to students, professors and staff an affordable and nutritious alternative to their meals.

24210472863_f9a73f9053_zUFJF has a Central Library and 14 Sectoral Libraries, within cultural and academic units with specialized collections. All books, leaflets, spare publications, reference works, journals, audiovisual material, course conclusion papers, thesis and dissertations can be accessed online.

Science center
The Science Center includes a planetarium and an astronomic observatory. The place is one of the biggest centers of science comunication in the state of Minas Gerais. It is also home of the biggest didactic center for Astronomy studies in Brazil. It applies advanced technology, state-of-the-art equipment and is used both by UFJF’s community and the city’s citizens.

University’s Hospital
The HU is a reference center to the treatment of patients in the public system (SUS). Its tradition goes back over 40 years in the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of health care, integrating teaching, research and service provision. It prioritizes the humanized treatment of the population and the production of knowledge in health.

Botanic Garden
UFJF’s Botanic Garden is a 845,000 m2 area of Mata Atlântica forest that provides students a real field of study and citizens a leisure area, with good quality of life and environmental education. It is located inside Mata do Krambeck Reservation, world’s largest private reservation of Mata Atlântica in urban area. The construction is still in process.

Sensorial Garden
jardimsensorialUFJF’s Sensorial Garden aims the exploration of the touch and smell senses. It allows visitor to escape from routine in favor of relaxation. It is divided in four parts (fire, water, earth and air), so that each one of those steps has different kinds of plants and lands. The visitor is asked to be blindfolded and to take off their shoes, to enhance the experience.

Sports Complex
The recently renovated complex covers two swimming pools, sports court for futsal, volleyball, basketball, and handball, soccer field, soccer society court, two tennis courts, a shuttlecock and a badminton court, athletics track, gym and pilates studio.
The facilities are in accordance with international standards, specially the athletics track and the sports court. UFJF signed agreements to receive delegations to prepare their athletes at our facilities for the 2016 Olympic Games, like China and Canada.
Besides serving as classrooms for Physical Education School Students, the Sports Complex is also open to the community, for activities coordinated by professors and taught by students, enhancing the citizens’ quality of life. The projects encompass swimming, pilates, yoga, tennis, basketball, artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, athleticism, folk culture and gym classes, among others.

Cine-Theatro Central
central-plateiaThe biggest and most important theatre in the city, Theatro Central is a sensorial and aesthetic experience. Its architectonic construction impresses for the beauty and grandiosity and the acoustics enchant the artists who get on its stage. It receives well-renowned performers from all over Brazil and also abroad. Visit:

Forum da Cultura
Fórum da Cultura is a UFJF’s cultural space that allows people of Juiz de Fora to be in contact with fine arts and stage theatre shows, along with the diffusion of folk culture and music. The house was built in 1920 in eclectic stile, with stained glass, staircase and ceilings in hardwood and a neatly made floor. Currently, the place houses the theatre group Divulgação, a folk culture museum, an art gallery and the University’s choir.

Divulgação was born in 1966 and nowadays is organized in three basic production nuclei: the University’s students, high school students and the elderly. Made by professors and academics, the group’s focus is the research in performing arts and has a systematic programming with plays, seminars and other events offered to the community. Visit:

Museu de Arte Murilo Mendes – MAMM
mammMAMM was created in 1976, after the city’s poet Murilo Mendes died. It houses his library and his visual arts collection. The museum aims the development scientific-cultural studies and actions guided by the principles of conservation, preservation and dissemination of bibliographic, documentary and visual arts collections. Visit:

Centro Cultural Pró-Música
Pró-Música propagates good music, trains musicians, researches and preserves Brazilian colonial music, among others. It helps making the city a storehouse for new talents. The centre is honored with the Cultural Merit Order award, recognition from the Brazilian president to the contributions made towards disseminating Brazilian culture domestically and abroad. Visit: