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Master’s Degree

In recent announcements, the selection of master students had a single step: a test conducted by the Anpec – National Association of Graduate Centers in Economics (open in a new window).

Anpec classifies students in descending order of performance in exams. After that, the selection Committee of the Graduate Program in Economics at UFJF selects, from the national competition-ranking list of Anpec, the best candidates, which means those who meet the suitability requirements in the tests.

In order to demonstrate foreign language proficiency, the candidate must get at least 70% of the grade in the English Language Test of Anpec. If the student does not reach that level, he or she may present a test result (unspecified) to prove their English proficiency before finishing the master’s degree program.

The program offers up to fifteen (15) places for entry in 1st quarter of each year, but the Program can offer the remaining unfilled places additionally.