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Program Structructure

In the building of School of Economics, which has four floors, has elevators, special rooms for teaching and administrative staff (first and second floors) and exclusive space for graduate students (third and fourth floors). In the space of exclusive use of the graduate students are the study room of the master’s and doctoral students, the computer lab, individual rooms for professors, three classrooms, administrative offices, and support facilities. In addition to these spacious and modern facilities, there are those commonly used as an amphitheater for about 200 seats, a library with a capacity to receive 3,000 copies and a considerable flow of students. The entire building is properly equipped in terms of furniture, equipment, software and security system.

The Graduate Program laboratory is for the exclusive use of the graduate students (about 30 seats). In case of any extraordinary activity that requires more space (as with the mini-courses offered by foreign researchers), there is still the use of the laboratories shared with the undergraduate students (one with 60 seats and another one with 40). In addition, the PPGE students’ study room (with 40 seats) is fully equipped with modern computing resources (computers, servers, software, internet, database, online journals, routers, etc.), and is also used as a computer lab. All rooms are quiet and in a suitable space for the collection and the construction of knowledge.

All teachers and students in their offices and study hall, respectively, have computers connected to the Internet, printers, and software in their research areas (FPW©; E-views©; Stata©, SPSS©; GEMPACK©; Microsoft Office, and others). In addition, the faculty and students of the PPGE have access to modern servers, which increase the data processing capacity and modeling necessary to write scientific articles, research reports, and the theses and dissertations of the program.