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In recent announcements, the selection of PhD students was held according to the following steps:

  1. Description and submission of the relevant documentation mentioned in the notice.
  2. Written tests, conducted by the National Selection Examination of National Postgraduate Centers in Economics Association Anpec – National Association of Graduate Centers in Economics (open in a new window). The Graduate Program in Economics at UFJF accepts the results of the Anpec National Selection tests performed in the five years prior to the selection.
    *Note: Foreign applicants residing abroad may participate in the selection process without the requirement of taking the Anpec Examination, but they will be evaluated based on the result of the GRE test (Graduate Record Examinations).
  3. Pre-selection of research proposals.
  4. Lattes CV analysis.
  5. Applicant’s oral examination results (in person or online).

The applicants who get at least 70% of the maximum score in the English Language Test of Anpec will be exempted from proof of proficiency in the language.

There are usually eight (8) places offered for admission in the 1st quarter of each year.

The Program Board is not required to fill the number of places, and may select a smaller number of applicants if there are not enough applicants who meet the minimum requirements for approval. There is also the exceptional possibility of using unfilled seats.

Two out of the eight places above mentioned are generally intended to foreigners residing abroad who have been approved in an established evaluation that meets the requirements in the selection notice. If these places are not filled, they are redirected to the other applicants.