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Student Manual

The goal of the student guideline is to outline the most important students’s obligations upon their acceptance in the PPGM.



All the items below are in consonance with the Regulamento do Mestrado Acadêmico em Matemática , and with the resolutions Resolução Nº 03/2018  – regarding the didact regime – and Resolução Nº 04/2018  – regarding the Qualifying exams.



1) After being officially enrolled in the PPGM, the graduate student is expected to sign up for classes every semester, according to the instructions that will be made available by e-mail. The student that fails on fulfilling this requirement will no longer be part of this program;


2) It is the graduate student responsibility to keep his\her contact information up to date with the PPGM’s office. The student should check his/her e-mail on the daily basis, since every important information regarding the program will be addressed to him/her by e-mail;


3) Graduate students have to earn 24 credits before presenting their Thesis. The students have to take classes in at least three different areas of the group I, otherwise the 24 credits will not count;


4) All the courses are optional;


5) Graduate students need to get a grade at least C in order to pass in the class. Besides that, they have to attend at least 75% of the class activities, unless they have a written document justifying their absense;


6) The graduate student that fails two classes – which also includes the extreme case of failing the same class twice – will be automatically discontinued from the program;


7) The written qualifying exam is mandatory for all graduate students in the PPGM. See also 9), 10) and 11);


8) The written qualifying exam is composed of three parts, namely: Introductory Linear Algebra; The other two parts are optional. More precisely,  by the time that he/she is signing up for the exam, he/she will declare their preferences. By the way, this has to be done until the deadline according to the University’s calendar. The student can choose among all the courses listed on the group I, however the courses can not belong to the same area;


9) Graduate students with outstanding performance – students that have received a grade A in at least two classes of two different areas of the group I – will be dismissed from the written qualifying exam;


10) Graduate students that fail the qualifying exam twice will be automatically discontinued from the program;


11) Graduate students have to pass their written qualifying exam during their first year;


12) Graduate students can only present their Thesis after fulfilling the following requirements: they have to accumulate at least 24 credits in classes; they have to pass on their written qualifying exam during their first year; they have to pass on their English proficiency exam; they have to receive the approval of their advisor;


13) Besides their duties as a student, the graduate students are also expected to work as a tutor for at least two semesters. In the description of these activities are included teaching some reinforcement classes for undergraduate students as well as proctoring exams