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Our Mission


The mission of the PPGM-UFJF is to stimulate the development of reseach in Pure and Applied mathematics, and Statistics in a way that will provide contributions in either at the field of mathematics itself or other related areas. The contributions will be made through the publication in well known journals of all the scientific findings and in the preparation of future researchers or teachers.






The goals pertaining to the mission of the program are divided in two groups:


  1. A) Goals towards the faculty members are:



1.To stimulate the development of reseach among the faculty members in both Pure and Applied mathematics, and Statistics culminating in the creation of new research groups as well as the consolidation of the existing ones;



  1. To present high level of scientific activiy. The quality of this activity is supposed to be verified by publication of the results in well recognized international journals;




  1. B) Goals towards the students are:


  1. To introduce the students into the scientific world, and preparing them to step up to the Ph.D level in other universities either in Brazil or abroad;


  1. To provide to the students a solid mathematical foundation in order to prepare them to teach mathematics at all levels;


  1. To enrich the mind of undergraduate students by creating a link between the undergraduate studies and graduate studies;


  1. To receive students applications from all the parts of the world;



Our program was created on August 18th of 2010 on the grounds of a temporary alliance  between the Mathematical Departments of the Universities of Juiz de Fora (UFJF) and Minas Gerais (UFMG). Both universities are located in the state of Minas Gerais (Brazil). The cooperation came to an end in January of 2020.



The program, in broad terms, possess the following areas:


Analysis, Algebra, Geometry/Topology (Pure Mathematics);

Applied Mathematics and Statistics (Applied Mathematics).


After our screening process, the best students have the chance of getting financial support from one of the following two supporting agencies: CAPES or FAPEMIG. Of course, it all depends on the number of grants available. Only full time students are allowed to receive support.



Our program takes place at the Department of Mathematical Sciences which is located at ICE- UFJF.







PPGM-UFJF Office: +55 – 32 – 2102-3328


Department of Mathematical Sciences: +55 – 32 – 2102-3308