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Visual Arts

Visual Arts

The Course:

The Bachelor’s Degree trains professionals involved in the production, research and critic in the field of visual arts. Its curriculum structure works to promote the development of perception and creative potential by improving personal skills and reflecting on art making. The Teaching Degree in Visual Arts aims to qualify college professors who will act as Visual Arts teachers in public and private schools in the primary, junior high and high school levels, or as educators in museums, art galleries an in different types of cultural institutions. The course aims to promote professional training and qualification for the field of teaching who are committed to the process of human development through the research, production, reflection and application of artistic knowledge.

Professional prospects:

The Bachelor of Visual Arts may act as autonomous artist in the circuit of professional artistic production, qualified in the formation of other artists or as researchers in the academia. In the job market, this professional will be able to apply their expertise in several roles, such as: illustrator, designer, painter, sculptor, ceramist, photographer, curator of exhibitions, cultural producer and programmer, working in museums, art galleries, institutions and public or private cultural agencies, art schools and universities. For Teaching Degree graduates, the policy and didactic-pedagogical guidelines have the epistemological axis of contemporary culture and technology as one of their pillars, taking into account the different contexts of activity of the arts’ educator, as well as the needs and demands for the development of the teaching of local/regional/national art. With this process, the aim is to train future teachers, contribute to the reconfiguration of the Brazilian educational scenario in which art can play a paramount role in building new socio-cultural models.

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