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The Course:

It is more directed to the administrative part of the profession, preparing the student for planning, organizing and promoting tourism, other than organizing events and leisure, travel and business activities, such as congresses, fairs and art exhibitions. During the studies, the student will have a more humanistic and managerial training, taking subjects such as Marketing, Accounting and Fundamentals of Administration, as well as History, Geography and Portuguese. Besides the theoretical training, they will find specific subjects, such as Touristic Planning, Travel Arrangements, Tours and Events. The student may choose to focus on Management of Touristic Organizations and Entrepreneurship or Touristic Destination Planning and Heritage.

Professional prospects:

The Bachelor of Tourism works in the business sector in tourist information centers, in educational institutions, in entities and bodies of the public and private sectors, and in consulting activities regarding policies. Among the possibilities, the graduate should collaborate on the elaboration of tourism-related policies at the municipal, state and national levels, they may plan and organize events and trips. They may also prepare the planning of tourist space and coordinate technical work, studies, research and projects in different fields of the sector. The professional is able to analyze and draw up plans for tourism development, taking into account the influences of social, cultural and economic factors. They can coordinate and guide the selection and classification of sites and areas devoted to tourism and coordinate recreational areas and activities for the general public. Another possibility involves coordinating and directing training projects or the enhancement of staff on a technical level or with the provision of services.

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