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The Course:

The course is divided into two sections: the common program,which consists of 36 compulsory subjects, and the specificprogram, consisting of 39 elective subjects, amongwhich the student must earn 40 credits (around10 subjects). The elective subjects are divided intothree groups, two organized according to the majorchosen (Finance and Marketing, or Population and Health),and a third one, for the additional training. Theremaining credits can be earned by taking some subjectsor through the Academic Enrichment Activities (activities ofinitiation to research, teaching, extension andprofessional training, participation and presentationof papers in conferences, publications, and internships,among others). The course addresses knowledge ofmathematics, statistical methods and models, calculations andthe Theory of Probability, IT, among others.The activities are divided into lectures and practical classes inlaboratories. In addition, the course offers opportunitiesin research projects, the specialization and in the “Junior Company”.

Professional prospects:

The bachelor applies statistical tools for thesolution of practical problems involving
large amounts of data. Because of theexistence of random phenomena in almostall areas of knowledge, a part of thisprofession is to study the natural, economic,and social phenomena, among others. The theoretical knowledgeof statistical methods and scientificmethodology helps with the planning of experiments,and the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and summary of data. In order to do that, the statistician counts on many IT resources,as well as the possibility ofbuilding his/her own routines. It is alsothe job of a statistician to adjust models, and makeconclusions, present, discuss and publishthe results. He/she is also responsible fordeveloping databases for various uses,such as quality control of production,population census, election pollsor the launching of products on the market. In theindustrial sector, the statistician can takequality tests, do sales forecasting anddevelop statistical models to adjust them topractical situations.

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