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Science of Religion

Science of Religion

The Course:

It enables professionals to research in the field of religion, focusing on its influence and actions in society. It contributes to the formation of a critical view on different religious currents without necessarily sticking to a belief or any religious doctrine. The course offers broad and deep knowledge on religion.
It also encourages systematic reflection and the production of research in a multidisciplinary and non-denominational perspective. With that, professional training is perfected through the development of research methods and techniques in the field of Science of Religion. The department also offers Study Centers in Philosophy of Religion; Comparative Religion and Mysticism; Protestantism and Theologies; Philosophies from India; Religion, Culture and Society; as well as Master’s and Doctorate degrees.

Professional prospects:

The Bachelor of Science in Religion can act in historical preservation adviser, libraries or museums. They can also work or provide advice in NGOs, religious and civil institutions, especially regarding the relationship between religion, culture and society. Another possibility is acting in positions requiring creative professionals capable of analyzing the complexity of human relationships in the contemporary world. A degree in Science of Religion trains teachers in the area of Religious Education, providing opportunities for the future teachers to have contact with various religious traditions in the formation of societies. Therefore, the teacher focuses on the understanding of the religious and cultural diversity of humanity.

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