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Production Engineering

Production Engineering

The Course:

It starts with the basic contents of Engineering,such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and IT.It includes subjects such as Economicsand Law. After that, the course offersspecific subjects, like ManufacturingProcesses; Manufacturing Planning andControl; Logistics; Quality,Product, Sustainability andMaterials Engineering; Modeling and Simulation; andMaintenance Management, among others. Itsaim is to train professionals with a high level ofcompetence, prepared to performmanagerial and leadership roles in alllevels of the organization of production. The mostrecent organizational techniques and methodologiesof industrial integration and services will beincorporated into course subjects. The graduateswill be able to investigate, analyze and proposesolutions by using the contemporary concepts ofProduction Engineering and perform in situations comprisingnew or existing businesses. The course,also offers opportunities in the”junior company”, research centers, or through agreementswith entities where students candevelop projects.

Professional prospects:

The production engineer has becomecritical in industries, companies andorganizations of all sectors. He/she is adesigner, manager, entrepreneur. Oneof the main tasks of this professionalis to promote the integration of systems.For that, he or she takes into account human actions,material and financial resources,information and technologies. Thus, the analysisof production and market scenariosand that of culture are part of his/her day-to-day practice.Adaptation to the environment of a companywill be commonplace. The professionaluses knowledge of engineering,administration, economy and technologyto streamline work, improveproduction techniques and sortthe financial, logistical and commercial activitiesof an organization aimingto advance quality and increase

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