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Physical Education

Physical Education

The Course:

It deals with the promotion of health and the physical capacity through the practice of exercise and bodily activities. One of its aims is to form professionals who are conscious of the social reality. The knowledge obtained focuses on various physical activities, such as dance, games, sports, gymnastics, wrestling and leisure, always respecting the diversities. The studies are divided into theoretical and practical classes. Two internships are performed: inside University departments, and outside University through extension projects offering community support and leisure services. Its facilities include a modern multi-sports centre, modern labs and research extension centres. Specialization courses comprise the Tutorial Education Program (PET), the Institutional Program of Teaching Initiation Scholarship (PIBID) and the International Teaching Degree Program (PLI).

Professional prospects:

The methods and techniques learned are part of the guidance that the professionals will offer in sessions of gymnastics, wrestling, dance, games, sports and other forms of physical exercise. The Bachelor of Physical Education is able to provide services in the area of physical activities and sports, to individuals or groups, schools, gyms and clubs. The professional prepares children and adults for many types of sport. It is possible to provide individual care in the form of a personal trainer, or to participate in multidisciplinary teams with doctors, psychologists and speech therapists. The university graduate also helps in treating patients with disabilities, applying special exercises. In a Teaching Degree, the teacher can act in different educational spheres. Besides the classroom, the physical educator is able develop and analyze didactic materials, such as books, texts, videos and virtual environments of learning.

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