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The Course:

It deals with the study of the composition and productive processes related to drugs, cosmetics and industrialized food. The activities are divided into theoretical and practical classes, besides research and extension in the fields of pharmacy, clinical analyses, food and medicine. The pharmacist’s professional experience is gained through internships in the University Pharmacy, in the Pharmacy of the University Hospital (HU), in the Laboratory of Clinical Analysis of the College of Pharmacy and Biochemistry and of the HU, as well as in laboratories which provide services to the community regarding the analysis of water and food. Partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry enable the training in the fields of medicines, cosmetics and the like. The students also have the possibility of working in the “junior company”. The college also offers specialization courses and master’s degrees.

Professional prospects:

The bachelor provides pharmaceutical care with broad coverage in the fields of public health, prescription filling and handling of medicines and cosmetics, and their distribution. The pharmacist prepares and investigates medicines, cosmetics or personal hygiene products. The professional examines and tests substances and active ingredients, noting the possible reactions they provoke. The university graduate may also be responsible for the hospital sector dedicated to homeopathy and drugstore. The pharmacist is able work in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and chemical industries, clinical analyses, health surveillance and in hemotherapy centres. They can also excel in activities related to research, the production of health care knowledge.

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