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The Course:

The activities are divided into lectures, seminars, group work and field research. The main idea of the course is to understand the teacher as a professional of education, able to work in teaching, the management of educational processes, as well as in the construction and dissemination of knowledge. With that in mind, the curriculum articulates theoretical studies with practice involving the day-to-day of schools, the education research processes, and the construction and dissemination of knowledge. Another important principle involves curricular flexibility, understood as the possibility of deepening or emphasizing on specific fields within the student’s interest. Thus, beyond the mandatory subjects and activities, the student may develop different actions, like participation in academic and professional events, initiation to research, extension, teaching and professional training. The internship can be carried out in public and private schools.

Professional prospects:

The degree in Pedagogy opens several fields, either or not inside the school environment, developing, watching, participating and proposing forms of educational administration, putting in practice the principles of social inclusion and democratic management. Educationalists can also work as teachers in children’s education in the early levels of elementary school, as well as youth and adult education. They can also work in other areas, such as educational planning, evaluation of educational systems, public and educational policies, as well as other emerging segments of the educational field. The dimension of the research also provides opportunity of action because the educator becomes capable of investigating educational issues, in addition to producing and disseminating knowledge.

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