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The Course:

It provides knowledge in the fields of the Biological Sciences and Health, Humanities, Social Sciences and Nursing, with a focus on fundamentals, assistance, administration and teaching of nursing. The activities are divided in lectures, fieldwork, practice in the laboratory and internship focused on nursing care for children, teenagers, women, adults and the elderly, having the work of caring as the main instrument. In the practical activities, the student learns about the technical procedures of Nursing to fully meet the needs of the people who require care not only in the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary care levels. The internship has the objective of generating integration with the job-market, providing the student with the live experiences inherent to their future profession. The internship activities are performed in consonance with the nurse in various settings, such as in the Primary Health Care Units, polyclinics and hospitals under supervision of the professors. Students also have opportunity to participate in research groups, extension projects, the Health Tutorial Education Program (PET) and several other academic activities.

Professional prospects:

The nurse is able to identify population’s individual and collective health needs and make the necessary interventions so that people can recover their health. The professional is also responsible for providing care in different levels of health care, such as the promotion, prevention, protection and rehabilitation, seeking comprehensive assistance. The largest employers of professional nurses are private hospitals, the government, city halls, and the Family Health Strategy programs (ESF). The fields with the most possibilities for nurses to work in are: childcare, teenage care, women’s health, adult and senior health, in the various specialties. Apart from a bachelor’s degree, nurses can also obtain a Teaching Degree. In this way, the nurse can become a teacher in elementary and secondary education, participate in discussions on hygiene and in health programs, focusing on the training of nurse technicians.


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