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Music – Singing | Transverse Flute | Piano | Guitar | Violin | Cello | Composition | Teaching Degree

Music – Singing

The Course:

It innovates academically for not fractionating the degree in music into two parts by separating the classical music and popular music genres. It is a bachelor’s degree that does not exclude genres. Students will have subjects driven towards a diversified music education that will enable them to go where they please, or where the job market requires. The subjects cover general subjects, like Art and Aesthetics History, and other more specific ones, such as Practice, Technique, Harmony and Perception.

Professional prospects:

The Bachelor Degree in Singing, Flute, Piano, Guitar, Violin or Cello allow the professionals to act as artists in their instruments or as choir conductor and vocal or instrumental arranger. It also enables them to become soundtrack composers for movies, plays or videos, or even of jingles for commercials and advertising; musical notation editors; consultant to educational content regarding music; writers of music reviews, music shows and articles for publication; musical directors for the selection of repertoires; and catalyst agents and independent entrepreneurs of the musical activity in their scope of action. They can work in recording studios and with music production through the use of electronic devices.


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