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The Course:

The basis of the course is the investigation of nature and the causes of human diseases, aiming healing and prevention. Human health is the focus of study. The course requires full time study and has the support of the University Hospital (HU) for training the professional. Various medical specialties are offered, besides emergency care. The students can also perform activities in Primary Care Units (Uaps) in the city of Juiz de Fora and in several towns in the Zona da Mata region of Minas Gerais. From the earliest semesters, students develop activities in the community, getting first hand contact with the professional reality, with special focus on public health. It is also available to the students assessment laboratories and nutritional surveillance, composition and nutritional value of food, experimental nutrition, instrumental analysis in Nutrition, Dietetic Techniques, and research and extension projects.

Professional prospects:

Doctors have a large field of practice. They are responsible for researching and treating dysfunctions and diseases, deciding on the best procedures to prevent and fight them. With specific knowledge of the human organs and systems, these professionals perform diagnostics, request exams, prescribe medications and perform surgeries. The university graduates can practice medicine in hospitals, health centres, clinics, health departments, rehabilitation centres, laboratories, research institutions, recreational and sports entities, as well as doctor’s offices. Most doctors also work in private practice. These professionals can also become college professors.


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