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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

The Course:

It proposes to help students acquire theability to apply mathematics andbasic sciences (especially physics)in the design, construction, testing, maintenanceand operation of mechanical systems. Students willbe able to respond quickly tocurrent requirements and future trendsof the industry, but also introducestructural changes, due to theiranalytical and creative capacity. They will have a generalist training, without a specific focus,addressing the main areas of trainingof a mechanical engineer: MachineDesign, Thermal Machines and ManufacturingProcesses. There are a lot of activities performed in the laboratory and a wide range of extracurricular activities such as: Scientific Initiation, “Junior Company”,the “Baja” Teams, Aerodesign and theEnergy Efficiency Marathon.

Professional prospects:

The mechanical engineer develops, designsand oversees the production of machinery,equipment, vehicles, heating and cooling systems, andspecific tools of the area. The mechanical industryabsorbs about 80% of professionalsin the auto parts, metallurgical andsteel-making sectors. Other fields of activity are:aeronautics, aerospace, petrochemical,food, pulp, paper, and sugar and alcohol mills. With respect to maintenance, every company needs this professional for the mechanical maintenance of itselectrical and sanitary facilities, piping, etc.


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