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The Course:

The curricula of the Bachelor’s and Teaching degrees are composed of two core courses: a basic and an specific one. The basic core, for both degrees, is composed mostly of subjects from the area of Mathematics: Algebra, Analysis and Geometry;and are administered by the Department of Mathematics. The Bachelor’s Degree is composed of subjects that deepen the knowledge in Pure Mathematics,like Differential Calculus and in other areas, such as Statistics and Physics. At the end of the course, the students must write a couse conclusion paper under the guidance of a professor. The Teaching Degree consists of courses on teacher training, methodology, practice and supervised internships, under charge of the Faculty of Education.
Both Teaching and Bachelor’s degrees, the activities are divided into theoretical and practical classes in laboratories. In order to complement the training, the students can apply for one of the graduate courses. The Institute of Mathematical Sciences/Department of Mathematics of UFJF offers three Master’s courses: Academic Masters on Mahtematics, Professional Masters in Mathematical Education, and Distance Learning Mathematical Education.

Professional prospects:

The graduate in Mathematics can act as a Teacher in elementary education and scientific research. The bachelor is also able to teach in higher education or become a researcher. Both the holders of the Teaching and Bachelor’s degree can work in the field of economics and finances, either in public or private sectors.


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