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Modern Languages – Libras (Brazilian Sign Language, BSL)

Liberal Arts

The Course:

Trains professionals for the treatment of information in verbal language, in oral and written modalities, in many communicative genres and socio-cognitive frameworks in which it appears. The course contains lectures, seminars, study and work groups, research in undergraduate research projects and extension projects. The courses are offered mainly by the Department of Languages (Portuguese, Latin, Linguistics, Literary Theory, Brazilian and Portuguese Literatures) and by the Department of Modern Foreign Languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish and their respective literatures). In the Teaching Degree, the pedagogical subjects are offered by the College of Education. The internship is held at the João XXIII Application School or through projects developed by the faculty.

Professional prospects:

The Languages graduate becomes an analyst of languages regarding linguistic usage skills in Portuguese or in a foreign or classical language. That training should enable them to act as teachers of the elementary and high school levels in the area of languages (for those with a Teaching Degree); researchers in the fields of languages and literature; literary and cultural critics; consultants and advisors in the fields of communication and information; translators; interpreters; and proofreaders. In order to qualify for teaching at the college level, they are usually required to have the Master’s or Doctorate Degree. Other career possibilities involve editing and translating texts, secretarial services and training in human resources.


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