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Human Sciences

The Course:
Aimed at students who identify with different kinds of knowledge in the field of Humanities  and seek solid intellectual education beyond the insight into culture and plurality. This general training aims to develop students intellectually, providing them with a basis for critical thinking on time, space, culture, the arts and scientific research practice. This way, students become able to structure an integrated knowledge about the world and the humanistic dimension.

The student may choose to take Sociology, Political Science, Anthropology, Science of religion, Philosophy, History, Geography, Statistics, Psychology, Arts, Languages and Tourism. At the end of the course, students obtain a degree of Bachelor in Humanities and have three career possibilities: they may proceed directly to the work market as bachelors; attend a graduate school; or choose one of the courses of the second cycle to obtain a second degree and more specific training – Science of Religion, Social Sciences, Philosophy or Tourism. The duration of the second cycle depends on the course chosen and ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 years.

Professional prospects:

The Bachelor of Humanities can act in the field of culture, take graduate courses in Humanities and Applied Social Sciences, work in the services and consulting sector, take civil servant exams (for positions as tax auditor or public policies analyst, for example). If the student opts for the supplementation of the course through the second cycle, the Bachelor of Humanities will still have the opportunity to add two degrees to his/her education: Bachelor’s Degree and/or Teaching Degree in one of the courses of the second cycle. This broad education ensures comprehensive versatility, which helps the student’s entry into the professional world.


More information: www.ufjf.br/bach