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The Course:

It offers students theoretical guidance, enabling them to reflect on the main problems of Brazil and the world. At the same time, it makes practice possible through research projects, thus contributing to a kind of knowledge that promotes interventions in a given area analyzed. Students will find practical and theoretical classes, fieldwork and laboratories. They may participate in research projects, scientific initiation projects, professional training and teaching assistance. The course has Cartography, Meteorology, Mineralogy, Geoprocessing, Climatology and Geography Teaching laboratories. The extracurricular internship is performed in public bodies, such as the City of Juiz de Fora, or in private companies which need people to work with cartography.

Professional prospects:

The bachelor in Geography is capable of acting as a teacher at all levels in educational institutions. They may work as a geographer, a researcher or a self-employed professional. The field of action is broad and it involves, among other activities, the analysis, mapping, as well as geographical studies and research, ecological characterization of geographical landscapes, studies on the use and preservation of natural resources, the delimitation and geographical characterization for the purpose of general, regional, urban and rural planning. The geographer can work advising public and private agencies dedicated to the planning and management of land (urban, agricultural, environmental), research institutes, consulting and planning companies, in addition to drafting diagnostic reports on environmental impacts.


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