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Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering

The Course:

It offers the student training in the researchenvironment so that the student gets used toquestioning, seeking new solutions, verifying his/her ideas and comparing them with those of others.This is certainly a comparativeadvantage in the job market. In theComputational Engineering course, thecomputer goes from being the central objective to a meansdue to the study of different fields of Scienceand of the different kinds of Engineering throughcomputational tools. Several areas of knowledgeare integrated (softwareand computer systems, computationalmathematics, computational modeling),which are applied to solving manysorts of problems. For further study, the coursehas laboratories, research groups and centers,Master’s in IT, Master’s andDoctorate in Computational Modeling,specialization courses, and teams forthe programming marathon.

Professional prospects:

This training is directed to theformulation, analysis, implementation andapplication of mathematical models, numeric methodsand computing systems.In a general way, the graduates will beable to solve complex problemsinvolving the areas of IT andEngineering. The graduation in ComputationalEngineering allows the professional tobe inserted a segment of the job marketthat is driven by the recenttechnological developments. It alsoprovides a first step towards amultidisciplinary academic careerwhich fits into a new knowledgearea. This new field has become more consolidated in recent decades, gatheringspecializations born in different branchesof Engineering and Science.


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