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The Course:

Students receive solid training in the core subjects of Mathematics and Physics to support their understanding of the models which explain the laws and theories of Chemistry: Analytical, Inorganic, Organic and Physical Chemistry. The elementary courses contain the theoretical approach and the teaching of laboratory techniques. The student can also join research projects conducted in our Faculty. Elective and optional subjects grant a more practical preparation for the job market, and can be taken at the Faculty of Chemistry or other related units(Biology, Pharmacy, Physics, etc.). In the Teaching Degree, the pedagogical training seeks to identify the social and philosophical aspects that define the current educational reality. In order to disseminate citizenship. The goal involves the recognition of the teaching-learning process from a human approach, which is always under construction. The Faculty also offers specialization, Master’s and Doctorate degrees.

Professional prospects:

There is a broad range of career prospects for the chemist, due to its link to virtually all areas of science. They can work in everything from the synthesis (planning and execution) of many organic or inorganic commodities to the quality control of raw materials. The workplaces are varied, including the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, agriculture and steel sectors. One important segment that stands out is the control and preservation of the environment. The chemist works with new industrial processes, the assessment of the level of pollutants and methods for treating waste.


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