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Biological Sciences

Biological Sciences

The Course:

It is structured so as the students can attend both the Teaching Degree and the Bachelor’s Degree concomitantly. Academic activities include practical and theoretical classes, study groups and seminars, lectures and research projects. Generally, the study progress focuses on different forms of life and also analyzes organizations, distributions, and relations between living beings among themselves and the environment they live in. The activities prepare the students for environmental education, environmental control, clinical analysis, sanitation and the improvement of the environment, environmental and industry consulting.

Professional prospects:

The biologist will develop research and teaching activities in various levels of education. Currently, there is a global concern about preserving the environment and sustainability. The university graduate can become a teacher, consultant, administrator of parks, reserves and biological stations, as well as curator of biological collections or director of scientific museums and cultural institutions. The professional may work in public bureaus, departments, laboratories and in establishments linked to research and education. The biologist plays an important role in the medical field with the discovery of applications of organisms and the development of drugs.


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