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Architecture and Urban Planning


The Course:

During the course, the student finds subjects which develop not only knowledge of the Mathematical Sciences, but also from the Humanities and Applied Social Sciences, such as Structural Systems, Art History, Social Studies and Computer Graphics. In order to carry out urban and architectural projects, it is necessary that the student develops the creativity to design the spaces while developing technical skills related to construction. The course is quite varied, with theoretical and practical classes, and the mandatory internship.

Professional prospects:

The architect is prepared to design and develop urban and building projects, from their design and organization up until their construction. They take into account the social, cultural, economic, environmental, aesthetic, safety, comfort, functionality and constructability elements. Their area of expertise covers urban planning, buildings, landscaping, as well as the natural environment and the rational use of resources. This professional works in partnership with other professionals from various fields, for example, with social workers, understanding the needs of communities; with engineers, lining up a full range of engineering projects and during the construction of buildings; with visual artists, in the creation and occupation of spaces, among others. The fields of expertise are diverse, from interior design to buildings of several kinds, to urban design and urban and regional planning. They can work for the government, in town halls and other public or private bodies, and in architecture, engineering and construction offices.


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